The US Comptroller General meets the Head of ALSAI


On December 6th 2018, the Chairman of the Supreme State Audit, Mr. Bujar Leskaj met in Washington DC at his office the US Comptroller General, Mr. Eugene L. Dodaro, the most important personality of the supreme public audit in the world. Mr. Leskaj praised the reestablishment of cooperation between the two Supreme Audit Institutions since 2012, and informed the Comptroller General about 10 major innovations of the ALSAI development during 2012-2018, such as the 2014 institution's new organic law, in accordance with INTOSAI standards; the focus on performance audits, 300 criminal denouncements in seven years (equaling one denunciation a week, or twice the number of reports during the 2004-2011 period), investment in information technology audits, the SAI scientific conferences, open-month for the citizens, the series of ALSAI publications, articles of the institution 's auditors in the daily press, etc.

Mr. Leskaj stressed that the auditing standards of the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the supreme audit institution of the US, were constantly taken into consideration from ALSAI, as the most accurate reflection of ISSAI international standards. In this regard, Mr. Leskaj also showed Mr. Dodaro Albanian translations of the American Standards summary, called the “Yellow Book”, published as a book by ALSAI in 2016, as well as the latest 2018 edition, translation of the “Green Book” of GAO for audit standards in the US federal government.


The ALSAI Chairman briefed his American counterpart on the SAI's application of US experience in the field of integrity, through the SAI Chairman's Code, which includes the decision of the Chairman to not reapply for the position, as well as the project, which will be implemented in the first months of 2019, for publishing GAO protocols in its reports with the US Congress, as well as American experience in following up the recommendations of the supreme public audit institution.

Mr. Leskaj said that this international visit, although the last one in office, was significant in terms of the future of the professional development of SAI auditors and the international cooperation of the institution.

In his speech, Mr. Dodaro praised the impressive performance of the SAI Chairman in reforming the Institution, implementing the ISSAI standards, and for publishing the GAO Standards in Albanian, included in the “Yellow Book” and “Green Book”.

The US Comptroller General highlighted ALSAI's good performance in gaining audit knowledge, through field standards publications, and sharing experience with partner supreme audit institutions.



The meeting was also attended by the Director of Strategic Planning at GAO, Mr. Blockwood, who described the successful cooperation of the ALSAI with GAO’s Center of Excellence in Auditing, materialized with the arrival in Tirana of the Director of the Center, Ms. Janet St. Laurent and with her giving a lecture for Albanian auditors, as well as the “Fellowship” programs of five Albanian auditors at GAO's offices.

Mr. Blockwood noted that such visits by American experts for building the capacity of Albanian auditors will continue in the future. He considered that the next publication of “INTOSAI Journal”, published by the GAO, will feature a special article dedicated to innovation in ALSAI’s audit activity.

Comptroller General Mr. Dodaro wished best of luck to Mr. Leskaj on his future duties and encouraged him on his individual project with the Polish National Audit Office (NIK) for sharing audit experience, as well as assured that the sound co-operation ground between GAO and ALSAI will continue to produce benefits in the future.

Since 2015, this is the third official meeting of the two supreme public audit Chairmen of Albania and the US at GAO's offices in Washington, after several meetings at the INCOSAI Congresses and major INTOSAI symposia.