The Italian Ambassador in Albania meets with the Chairman of the ALSAI


On September 24, 2018, the Chairman of the Albanian Supreme Audit Institution, Mr. Bujar Leskaj hosted in the premises of ALSAI the Ambassador of the Republic of Italy in Albania, Mr. Alberto Cutillo.

Mr. Cutillo was interested on the developments with the sub-commission dedicated to the ALSAI reports in the Parliament. Mr. Leskaj presented to the Italian Ambassador the constructive relations and active partnership that the ALSAI has had with the Parliament, intensified in recent years with the increase of the number of audit reports sent to the Parliament and the parliamentary resolutions for the ALSAI. He praised the support role of the Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Gramoz Ruçi and the Chairman of the Committee on Economy and Finance, Mr. Erion Brace. "We have always considered ourselves as a watchdog institution serving the citizen and the Parliament. On 4 June this year in Tirana, at the meeting on the development of relations between the supreme audit institutions and parliaments, organized by SIGMA, Mr. Ruçi expressed his willingness for the creation of a sub-committee on ALSAI issues. I am convinced that this sub-commission will be set up within this year ", concluded Mr. Leskaj.

Ambassador Cutillo was also interested in the SAI relations with the Office of the Prosecutor General. Mr. Leskaj underlined that the ongoing cooperation were correct at the level of the central office, but there was a lack of cooperation on the criminal charges that ALSAI has made in the   Prosecutor's Office in the districts. "With the establishment of new structures in justice reform, especially the SPAK, the cooperation between our institution and investigation structures and the Prosecutor's Office will take a new impetus”, he said. Further, the ALSAI Chairman stated that although the main task of a supreme audit institution is to conduct quality audits, in addition to modernizing the SAI institution and increasing the quality of its findings and recommendations. The increase of the fight against corruption is seen as another major task. “That is why, during these 7 years, we have made a criminal charge per week”,   Mr. Leskaj said. Also, the ALSAI Chairman briefed Ambassador Cutillo on the 2017 and 2018 audit indicators, such as number of audits performed, the economic damage findings, the missing revenues and expenditures incurred not in accordance with the principles of effectiveness, efficiency and economy. (3E).

The Italian Ambassador to Albania, at the end of the meeting, expressed his gratitude to the Chairman of ALSAI for the hospitality and information provided and considered that Italy considers the work and progress of the ALSAI as a direct contribution to the country's EU integration efforts.