The Deputy Chairwoman of ALSAI develops an official visit to Croatia


On May 24, 2019, Deputy Chairwoman of ALSAI, Ms. Lindita Lati Milo held a bilateral meeting in Croatia invited by the Auditor General of the State Audit Office of Croatia, Mr. Ivan Klesic.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss in principle the inter-institutional cooperation in parallel performance audits on sea pollution. This theme is of common public interest not only for Croatia and Albania but also for the external public audit institutions of Montenegro and Slovenia, which have expressed the interest to join in this parallel audit, coordinating audit work in a similar methodological audit axle to fulfil international standards for performance audits.

The State Audit Office of Croatia conducts its activity based on the law on the functioning of this office and has a mandate to audit the revenues and expenditures; financial statements and financial transactions; public entities, companies and legal entities in which the state has the majority of shares; the use of EU funds and other international organizations regarding the use of these funds for public needs.


The Auditor General of the State Audit Office of Croatia, Mr. Ivan Klesiç made a presentation on the manner of organization and function of the Croatian SAI. This office has its headquarters in Zagreb and has 20 branches distributed in the main regions of the country. Audit departments are organized in the function of audited entities and types of audits. The Office is headed by the Auditor General, elected by the Parliament of Croatia and proposed by the Committee on Administrative Matters, Elections and Appointments. In the last December, Mr. Klesiç received a second 8-year term in running this office.

Mr. Klesic continued his presentation on the way SAI reports to parliament, the policies for human resources, communication and transparency. During his speech he also made a presentation of the innovations that brought the approval of the new Law, on which was shown a special interest by the ALSAI representatives, as they were the instruments of strengthening the financial independence and professional consolidation of the audit institution.

Mrs. Lati, in her presentation, brought to the attention the latest developments in the activity of ALSAI in implementation of the new Development Strategy, 2018-2022. The presentation was focused on methodological developments and the instruments that are used to increase transparency and communication with stakeholders and the public. The colleagues shared their perspectives on the challenges posed by the ongoing challenges of supreme audit institutions, converging on the fact that quality should be increased by reducing the number of audits and increasing the number of audited entities through increasing performance audits.

The Deputy Chairwoman of ALSAI was accompanied by Mrs. Amantja Patozi, a specialist in the Directorate of Communication, Publications and International Relations.