The Chairman of the ALSAI attends the 11th Annual Conference of the National Audit Office of Kosovo


On October 14-15, 2019, the National Audit Office of Kosovo (NAO) organized in Struga its 11th Annual Conference on “ Increasing the impact of auditing on improving public sector governance”.


The conference was attended by the SAI-s of Albania, Northern Macedonia, Sweden, Montenegro and the Turkish Court of Accounts. The ALSAI was represented in this event by a delegation led by the Chairman of the ALSAI, Mr. Leskaj and Mr. Bashkim Arizaj, Head of Department of Government Institutions Audit; Mr. Bexhet Zeqiri, Chief Auditor, Directorate of Standards Implementation and Quality Assurance; Mr. Aldo Kume and Mr. Altin Tafilaj, auditors.



The conference was organized in two panels and the first panel addressed the topic: “Increasing the Impact of Auditing on Improving Public Sector Governance”. The welcome speech at this Conference was held by Mr. Besnik Osmani, Auditor General of the NAO. This panel was directed by Mr. Bujar Leskaj, Chairman of ALSAI; z. Dag Levin Sparr, Senior Adviser and Liaison Officer for the EU, Swedish National Audit Office; Ms. Tanja Tanevska, Head of Department, State Audit Office of the Republic of Northern Macedonia and Mr. Haci Ömer Köse, Director of the Audit Department, Turkish Court of Accounts.


The first discussion was delivered by Mr. Bujar Leskaj, Chairman of ALSAI, who opened his speech with congratulations on the membership of NAO in INTOSAI: “It is a special honor and privilege to attend the 11th Annual Conference of the National Audit Office of Kosovo (NAOK).


This activity comes shortly after September 24, 2019, when the INTOSAI Governing Board approved in its INCOSAI XXIII Congress in Moscow, the overwhelming majority vote membership of Kosovo-s highest public audit institution, the National Audit Office at INTOSAI, in the world organization of Supreme Audit Institutions. The full rights membership of NAOK, which becomes effective on January 1, 2020, is undoubtedly not only the greatest success in the history of the external audit of the State of Kosovo, but also a breakthrough in recognizing the institutions of the state of Kosovo from international partners”.


The Auditor General of the NAO, Mr. Osmani expressed his deep gratitude for the contribution made by the ALSAI and especially the Chairman, Mr. Bujar Leskaj in the membership of the National Audit Office of Kosovo in INTOSAI.



Subsequently,the Chairman Leskaj focused on the SAI-s work in increasing the impact of auditing on improving public governance. This increase has been one of the three main objectives of the ALSAI Development Strategy 2018-2022, Strategic Goal 1 “Increasing the Impact of Audit Work Focusing on 6E-s”.  The ALSAI has seen this accomplishment through the provision of quality audit products, combining findings and recommendations from financial audits, regularity and compliance with the advice and suggestions contained in performance audits.  During 2018, the ALSAI has conducted 29 financial audits, 52 regularity audits, 42 compliance audits and 18 performance audits, aiming with our recommendations and advice for ALSAI to promote positive change in public administration.


Considering itself a service institution of the citizens and a key agent of the Assembly to guarantee good governance, the ALSAI has made recommendations that could change the managerial culture, especially in the bottom segments of governing bodies, trying that its implement brings higher quality of service to citizens.


Mr. Leskaj continued his discussion by focusing on leading through an exemple, which is a prerequisite to striving to be a model organization because we are aware that we can influence the improvement of governance by leading through institutional exemplar; to Methodology Development; in human resource management and development; professional development; enhancing auditors' capacity in financial audits and the use of information technology to support audit activity; to the transparency and communication of the institution with stakeholders and in particular communication with the Parliament of Albania, as the most effective partner to enable the practical implementation of audit recommendations.


Mr. Leskaj concluded his discussion by referring to ISSAI 12: “The Values and Benefits of SAI-s - Make a difference in the lives of citizens” : “...I believe that, us as a ALSAI, in close cooperation with the Kosovo NAO, we are on a common path to strengthening our audit capacity. Wishing the Conference good work, I strongly believe that, even through the consolidation of the practice of joint and parallel audits with the Kosovo NAO, we will continue to work hard to improve the public governance of our two countries and in direct benefit to the citizens of Kosovo and Albania”.


The second panel focused on the topic, “Challenges in implementing audit recommendations and the importance of effective communication with stakeholders” and keynote speeches were held by: Mr. Peter Welling, Head of the OSCE Governance and Democratization Sector - Mission in Kosovo; Mr. Ilir Salihu - NAO Deputy Auditor General; Mr.Visar Prebreza, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN; Mr. Ahmet Ismaili, Director of the Treasury of the Republic of Kosovo; Ms. Rozafa Ukimeraj, Secretary General of the Ministry of Local Government Administration; z. Driton Selmanaj, former Chairman of the Public Finance Oversight Committee and Ms. Safete Hadergjonaj, former Vice President, Budget and Finance Committee.


The discussions of both panels were attended with interest by the participants and there was much discussion.