The Chairman of ALSAI, Mr. Arben Shehu met today in the premises of the Albanian Parliament with the Speaker of the Assembly, Mr. Gramoz Ruçi


The Chairman of ALSAI thanked the President of the Assembly, expressing high considerations for his continued support to the Supreme State Audit and assured that during the exercise of his mandate as Chairman of ALSAI, he will rigorously follow the implementation of the tasks assigned to him. charged by the Constitution and the law, with access to increase institutional performance and public trust.


The President of the Assembly, Mr. Gramoz Ruçi congratulated the Chairman of ALSAI, Mr. Arben Shehu for the important task entrusted to him and confidently recommended some work priorities in the future:

"ALSAI must continue and deepen the efforts to strengthen the independence of the institution, for impartial and objective audits. Implementing the ALSAI recommendations is important to deepen the fight against corruption, also as an instrument to increase parliamentary control, as the ALSAI addresses about 4000 recommendations per year.

It should also identify public entities that have never been audited in recent years, as well as increase transparency and interactive communication with citizens, to become an uncompromising guardian for the good use of funds and public property. ", Underlined the President of the Assembly, z. Gramoz Ruçi.

The meeting also discussed aspects of the activity of ALSAI in the framework of fulfilling the recommendations of the EU Progress Report, such as full implementation of the standards of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, improving the quality of auditing, timely implementation of audit recommendations etc.