The ALSAI conducts its first Annual Scientific Conference


On December 28th, 2012, the ALSAI organized the first Annual Scientific Conference whose topic was: “87 years of the ALSAI during the 100 years of the Albanian State”.
This was the first conference of its kind for our institution, in which it was discussed about the history and the work of all persons who have contributed to its rise and progress in different periods of time.
The Conference brought to the attention, among other things, the fact that the history of Albania is not only the act of its foundation, but also the result of the work of those hundreds of men and women who contributed to the consolidation of the Albanian State and its institutions.

foto 16In his ouverture speech, the ALSAI Chairman, Dr. Bujar Leskaj, pointed out that: “We should let the historical memory of our institution lead us in raising the awareness and responsibility to our role and to the challenges that lay ahead us. We should also appraise the significant contribution our predecessors have given to this institution, particularly in the 1924-1944 period of our State, such as Kol Thaçi, Lac Gera, Llambi Aleksi, Lame Kareco, Eqerem Libohova, Xhafer Ypi, Rrok Gera, Fejzi Alizoti, Izedin Beshiri and many others.” On this occasion Dr. Leskaj presented to all participants the first copy of the book "History of the High State Control 1925-2012", written by a group of the ALSAI staff, in collaboration with Albanian historians. The ALSAI Annual Scientific Conference will be an annual event, and will serve as a forum to present the scientific views on supreme audit procedures in Albania, in joint cooperation with foreign experience developed in European countries and based on the positive experience accumulated.

The conference continued with the greetings of the guests: the parliamentarian Mr. Kosta Barka, the former ALSAI president Mr. Mustafa Kërçuku, foto 6

Prof. Dr. Lindita Lati, Chairwoman of the Competition Authority (ACA), Prof. Dr. Jorgji Bollano, President of the National Accounting Council (NAC), Mr. Sazan Guri, President of the Institute "G & G Group", Ms. Blerta Selenica director of the Department of Public Administration (DPA), MS. Klodiana Cankja, director of the Public Procurement Agency (PPA) and the director of the Institute of Chartered Auditors (IEKA), Prof. Dr. Hysen Cela, who stressed the importance of cooperation between their institutions and the ALSAI. The conference was followed by the discussion of Mr. Robert Gjini, Director General of the ALSAI, which emphasized the gradual increase in demand for professional standards during the audit work in the last 20 years. In her speech, the other Director General, Ms. Helga Vukaj, focused on one of the pillars that consolidates and strengthens the institution's constitutional activity, namely the legal guarantees that must meet the audit process. While Dr. Reinald Muça, Director of Performance Department, lectured on a new philosophy of managing the institution, integrating modern audit procedures with different perspectives and methods.

In the years to come, the annual conference of the ALSAI will deepen its scientific character, aiming to contribute to its transformation into a modern institution of public audit, based on INTOSAI standards and on the experiences of international counterpart institutions, but also on the experience of many years of the institution itself. This is one of the tasks set out by the EU for the full integration of Albania, to conduct audit activities in accordance with the INTOSAI standards. The Second Annual Scientific Conference in 2013 will be held in October or November with international partners, such as supreme audit institutions of Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, Kosovo, Croatia, etc.

The conference continued with Dr. Leskaj illustrating the ALSAI Development Strategy 2013-2016, prepared with the assistance of SIGMA experts and in accordance with the directions of the EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2011-2017, which are: capacity building, strengthening and enforcement of professional standards, exchange of experience in auditing and beyond, promoting good governance and the development of communication and cooperation with other activists. In addition to these objectives, and in accordance with public expectations, the ALSAI has as a key strategic objective the strengthening of its role as an anti-corruption institution in order to ensure good governance.
At the conclusion of the conference, took place the signing of Cooperation Agreements between the ALSAI and the Public Procurement Agency, the Department of Public Administration, the Institute of Chartered Auditors (IEKA), the National Accounting Council and the Institute "G & G Group".
The ALSAI is being reformed and these agreements are essential to the institution, because in collaboration with professional partners it will be easier to better orient future challenges, such as the modernization of the institution, the deepening of the war against corruption and its prevention.