The ALSAI and the Office of the General Attorney sign a Cooperation Agreement

The ALSAI and the Office of the General Attorney signed a Cooperation Agreement in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the war against corruption.

foto1According to this agreement, the two institutions will work together to accurately identify violations that constitute criminal offenses in the area of public funds, public property management and privatization. They will also adopt measures for the orderly completion of the criminal charges, for conducting preliminary investigations, for the exercise of criminal prosecution and for the setting up and representation of the indictment within the deadlines, in accordance with the criminal law and the criminal proceedings.

Institutionalized cooperation of the ALSAI auditors with prosecutors of the Office of the Attorney General and Regional Prosecution Offices will enable the filing of criminal charges based on the law and the requirements of the Prosecutor and a priority prosecution for the cases brought out by ALSAI. This cooperation will be further more effective in the following two weeks, when a training for the ALSAI auditors will be held by the prosecutors and criminal experts of the Office of the Attorney General.

This agreement is signed right after other cooperation agreements with the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets (HIDAA), the Competition Authority and the six most active NGO-s in the war against corruption.