The ALSAI Chairman participates in the meeting of the Contact Committee of the European Union SAI-s


On June 27-28, 2019, a meeting of the Contact Committee of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the EU countries took place in Warsaw, Poland. The meeting organized by the Polish National Audit Office is one of the most important activities organized by it during 2019 and comes in the trail of activities for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Polak NIKK.

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This meeting was attended by leaders and representatives of the 28 EU member states and the SAI-s of the candidate and pre-candidate countries, as well as representatives of SIGMA. In this meeting ALSAI was represented with a delegation made up by the Chairman of ALSAI, Mr. Bujar Leskaj, General Director, Mrs. Lindita Milo and a Specialist in the Directorate of Communication, Publishing and Foreign Relations, Mrs. Alma Shehu.

In the era of quick and qualitative information technology developments, which is already stimulating and driving the many social - economic developments in different countries in Europe and beyond, the governments of these countries face challenges that are submitted by the usage in every area of information technology.

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Information technology developments have increasingly posed constant challenges for SAI-s to develop the capacity and methodologies necessary to conduct quality audits of this aspect with an impact on the services that governments offer to citizens. The challenges and opportunities of the Supreme Audit Institutions in digital Europe have been the main topic of discussion at the meeting of the Contact Committee SAI-s of the European Union countries, where experts and SAI leaders presented their experiences on the important and irreplaceable role of SAI-s in this process.

The European digital agenda, focusing on smart govenance aimed at simplifying public services, digitalisation of public services and public access to information through IT and through its successful implementation, seeks to achieve inherent growth of quality of democracy and successful performance of the policies for the inherent development of the member states.

To answer the concrete question of how to achieve the audit impact in digital transformation processes, the challenges ahead of SAI-s when they audit various processes of digitized public services are security - related risks, tools and methodologies that they use, the knowledge that their staffs have in the field of information technology and the vision they have to concretely help their governments.

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Therefor SAI-s should focus on providing technological and human resources, increasing staff capacity and developing successful audit methodologies.

Part of the activity agenda was also the reporting of the various EUROSAI working groups on good practices in the conduct of coordinated and parallel audits, among which the audit of the quality of air, part of which was also ALSAI with an audit on how to manage Information technology infrastructure in the public sector.

During the course of this activity, the leaders of the participating SAI-s were welcomed by the President of the Republic of Poland, SHTZ Andrzej Duda, who expressed the appreciation for the role and contribution of the Supreme Audit Institutions in consolidating efficiency and effectiveness in such an important field as it is the digitalization of governance which should aim not only on representation but also on the involvement of citizens in different processes of digital governance. The P resident Duda explained that the Supreme Audit Office has had a very important role in creating Poland as a state based on the same standards that Western European democratic states are built and function.

In the last two days of the meeting of the Contact Committee of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the EU countries, the Chairman of ALSAI held work meetings with the Polish SAI President, Mr. Kwiatkowski, the Auditor General of Finland, Mrs. Tytti Yli- Viikari, Czech SAI President, Mr Kala, Romanian SAI President, Mr. Busuioc, the General Auditor of Cyprus, Michaelides, and Montenegro's SAI President, Mr. Dabović.

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