Prime Minister Berisha, held a meeting with the ALSAI Chairman, Mr.Bujar Leskaj.


Prime Minister Berisha, held a meeting with the ALSAI Chairman, Mr.Bujar Leskaj and congratulated him for the election in this position as well as wished him a successful mandate.
kryeminThe Prime Minister emphasized that the fight against corruption and the governance transparency are pivotal in a democratic state, and assured the government’s support to the ALSAI work.
He expressed the confidence that ALSAI will investigate everything rigorously and with maximum objectivity in conformity with the law and stressed out that the audit target should cover all the central and local institution.
Among other things, the Prime Minister stated the necessity that ALSAI’s activity should be focused on its legal basis, clearly defined by the Constitution and laws. “Your performance has to gain public trust in these institutions and convey the highest accountability in the implementation of law”, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister said that the Internal Administrative and Anti-corruption Department, at the Council of Ministers and all the other control institutions, are willing to cooperate with the ALSAI.

The Chairman of ALSAI, Mr.Bujar Leskaj, expressed his acknowledgements to the Prime Minister for his reception and trust given by the majority to his mandate, emphasizing that his mission as Chairman of ALSAI, is the implementation of Constitution and law.
Mr.Leskaj stated that ALSAI’s new strategy would be in accordance with the Government Anti-Corruption strategy approved in 2008, assuring on the other side, the aim to realize professionally and with efficiency the law, out of any other interest.
On this regard, Mr.Leskaj appraised the undertaken measures by the Prime Minister Berisha, in supporting the ALSAI activity as well as Mr.Berisha’s commitment to cooperate with the state structures of control and implementation of law.