President Bujar Nishani held a Meeting with the ALSAI Chairman, Mr. Bujar Leskaj


presidenti nishani-bujar-leskaj1-300x200The President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Bujar Nishani held a meeting today with the ALSAI Chairman, Mr. Bujar Leskaj.

The President appraised the reforms undertaken lately by the Chairman, Mr. Bujar Leskaj and the work already carried out by the institution.

The head of the Albanian State expressed his appreciation for the Supreme State Audit of Albania as a main state mechanism of monitoring and controlling over financial and legal activities of other institutions.

The Chairman of the ALSAI, Mr. Bujar Leskaj, informed President Nishani about the latest ALSAI Report and about the engagement of the institution for a more transparent and professional work on the audit and the uncover of all unlawful cases. He also stressed out the importance of coordination with all other law enforcement institutions that the ALSAI is carrying out through Cooperation Agreements.

President Nishani encouraged the ALSAI Chairman to look for a closer cooperation with the Office of Attorney General in order to better counteract against all illegal and corruptive activities.

In this regard, President Nishani appraised the vision the ALSAI Chairman, Mr. Bujar Leskaj, has for the future fulfillment of the institutions’ constitutional mission.


Note: The information about the meeting of the ALSAI Chairman, Mr. Bujar Leskaj, with the President of the Republic Mr. Bujar Nishani has been taken from the Official Homepage of the President: .