Mr.Bujar LESKAJ held a meeting with SIGMA representatives.


Mr.Bujar LESKAJ held a meeting with Mr.Joop VROLIJK and Mr.Jan Pieter LINGEN, representatives  of SIGMA, which are visiting Tirana, in the framework of Assessment report 2011 for the ALSAI.
During the meeting with SIGMA representatives, Mr.Leskaj expressed his acknowledgements and appreciation for the reports and support given by SIGMA to ALSAI on the past years and stressed out that the existing cooperation would be further strengthened during his mandate as Chairman of ALSAI.
Mr.Leskaj, presented a general overview of the important objectives and underlined some of the key points related to the actual situation of ALSAI, considering as important the legal reform and the new premises for the ALSAI.
Mr. Leskaj, handed to the guests, a copy in English of his Draft-Idea, presented to the Commission of Economy and revised with the ALSAI staff, which is going to serve as basis for the future Strategic Development Plan 2013-2015 of the institution, where the support and SIGMA opinions will be conclusive.
Mr.Leskaj considered of a great importance the support given by SIGMA to the ALSAI in realizing twinning projects in the future, aiming the professional enhancement of the institution and gaining the best practices.
SIGMA representatives, expressed their appreciations to Mr.Leskaj for the warm reception and the Draft-Idea. They emphasized that SIGMA’s support would have been complete in giving opinions and suggestions, in such case of the legal reform, but even concrete, in the development of trainings of twinning projects, aiming the capacity building of the institution.