European Union’s SAI Liaison Officers meeting


On April 8 - 10, 2019, in Bucharest, Romania was hosted the European Union’s SAI Liaison Officers meeting. The Albanian Supreme State Audit Institution in this activity was represented by Mr. Enea Caushaj, Mr. Delor Prosi and Mr. Reinis Xhelili.

During the first day of the activity was held the meeting of the liaison officers of SAI Network of candidate and pre-candidate countries of the European Union. After the welcoming speech by the host of this meeting, Mr. Dragos Budulak, Romanian Accounting Officer, was addressed by Drashko Novakovic, Montenegro's SAI, who was also appointed as moderator of this meeting. The first topic that was put on the collocation was adopting the agenda and then approving the minutes of the meeting held in Malta on May 9, 2018.


Immediately after these formalities began the first session of the meeting that was a report on closed activities of the SAI Network Work Plan. This session was opened by one of the representatives of the Supreme State Audit, Mr. Reinis Xhelili, who made a brief presentation on the activity on "Information Technology - IT Support in Audit Processes and Audit Software" developed in Tirana during the month of November 2018. Representatives of the SAI-s participating in the meeting expressed their gratitude for organizing this activity, some of whom had been able to personally attend the activity held in Tirana.

Following, a review of 4 workshops held annually on Financial Audit was conducted. What was salient was the proposal to add another workshop to this package in 2019, thus bringing to 5 the number of workshops developed this year only for Financial Audit. However, a decision on this point will be taken only after being discussed by all SAI-s of the network and all these institutions to send their comments. Subsequently, a presentation was presented by representatives of SIGMA regarding the topic on "Reporting practice in order to improve impact".

The two other sessions in the agenda of this activity focused on the status of the Network Work Plan activities planned to be developed during 2019 and the review of the activities envisaged to be developed during 2019-2020. Among the activities envisaged to be developed during 2020 is also a premidated activity to be developed in Albania and organized by The Albanian Supreme State Audit Institution. However, the dates set for the development of this activity will be defined in the upcoming months.

Upon completion of this meeting, it opened the way to the main activity development, the European Union’s SAI Liaison Officers Meeting. This activity began with a welcoming coctail held shortly after the end of the network meeting of SAI-s of candidate and pre-candidate countries in the EU and lasted for 2 days.


On April 9, the activity was opened with the topic on "Preparing the Contact Committee Meeting for 2019". The next meeting of the Contact Committee is scheduled to take place in Poland and NIK Polak representative made a summary of the preparations undertaken by his office for the development of this activity.

The second topic of this meeting was on reporting activities conducted by the Contact Committee. Among other presentations during this session, Mr. Drashko Novakovic, representative of the SAI of Montenegro, made a summary of the points discussed in the previous day's meeting, that of liason officers of the network of EU candidate and pre-candidate countries.

On 10 April, the meeting started with a topic on "Preparing the Contact Committee's decision-making" and at the end a briefing was held for discussion of issues that were not scheduled on the agenda or were left out of the discussions of the last two days. After a summary of the discussions and decisions made during the meeting, the third day of work and the entire activity were officially ended.

At the end, the organizers had also planned a visit of delegations to the Palace of Parliament of the Republic of Romania. This building is ranked the second by size in the world, after the Pentagon.