European Commission Progress Report 2013 on Al-SAI


(Page 8 of the EU Progress Report Albania 2013, Chapter “Political Criteria, Public Administration)

“The Supreme State Audit Institution improved its performance by adopting a new manual on auditing and performing more audit assignments. It submitted an annual report on its work to parliament in March. It conducted 177 audits and reported economic damage caused by improper functioning of state institutions of €97.3 million from €50 million in 2011. It submitted 40 requests for criminal investigations (involving 125 employees) to the prosecution office, twice as many as during the three previous years together, highlighting in particular the abuse of public property by high ranking public administrators. More than two thirds of recommendations by the Institution were implemented. Amendments to the State Audit Institution Law are pending and sustainable performance auditing has yet to be Introduced”.

(Page 56 of the EU Progress Report Albania 2013, Chapter 32: Financial Control)

“In the area of external audit, organisational changes and new procedures have been introduced to boost the efficiency of the State Audit Institution (SAI). Training and public relations activities have increased and bilateral cooperation with other countries has been enhanced. Performance audit work has restarted. The 2013-17 strategic development plan is in preparation. However, the amendments to the SAI Law are since 2012 under scrutiny of the parliament and remain to be adopted by a three-fifths majority. Currently, there is no systematic parliamentary follow-up to the SAI’s reports”.