EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2023 meeting


The European Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, EUROSAI and the Albanian Supreme Audit Institution, on 30 - 31 October 2018, successfully completed the meeting on one of the main objectives of the EUROSAI 2017-2023 Strategic Plan for producing effective, innovative and adequate audit reports through the promotion of professional cooperation in Tirana. This activity was part of the Open Month Program that ALSAI organizes each year, which is now a tradition for this institution. The Albanian Supreme Audit Institution was represented by a number of directorate bodies, lead by Ms. Lindita Milo, General Director, Ms. Albana Gjinopulli Director of the Department of Strategy and Audit Methodology, Ms. Irena Islami Director of the Directorate of Communication, Publishing and International Relations, and high level auditors.

Mrs. Lindita Milo, General Director of ALSAI, gave a short address welcoming the participants on behalf of ALSAI, as the main organizer of the activity and underlined the importance of this event. Mrs. Milo stressed that ALSAI will continue to participate in all EUROSAI activities because the aim of this organization established since 1990 is to build a framework for the exchange of knowledge between the Public Audit Institutions, promoting the empowerment and improvement of public funds audit reports. The Members of 50 SAI-s create a diversified circuit represented by various organizational models, mandates, needs and various priorities.

By 2023, EUROSAI aims to transform itself into a dynamic, knowledge-driven mediator that complies with the specific needs of its members' development, their various social and administrative conditions and their available resources. This development will be guided by two strategic goals and will be supported by the improvements in EUROSAI governance: 1) Supporting effective, innovative and adequate audits through the promotion and mediation of professional cooperation; 2) Assist SAI-s in facing new challenges through the support of their institutional capacity building. On behalf of these purposes, EUROSAI supports SAIs in providing high quality audits and enhancing accountability, transparency and integrity of government and public sector in their own countries. Strategic Goal Meeting 1: Supporting effective, innovative and adequate audits through the promotion and mediation of professional cooperation with the purpose to unite representatives of the leading SAIs working groups, task forces and projects created under these specific goals and objectives.

SAI of Germany and Czech Republic headed the two-day work based on the progress achieved and under the perspective of future activities. The representative of the Turkish Court of Auditors presented to the participants the Operational Plan, which supports every objective set out in the EUROSAI Strategic Plan with concrete actions and activities.

Under the objective of SAIs being able to accomplish collaborative audits and to respond the existing and emerging challenges, the Albanian Supreme Audit Institution presented the values and benefits of participating in audit programs in collaboration with EUROSAI-s. Although ALSAI was aware of this type of audits in theory, they only took place in 2012 for the first time in Albania, offering positive results as an effective instrument in enhancing inter-institutional cooperation. Participation in parallel audits with the SAI of the countries of the region, always directed by the SAI of EU member states, has offered a unique opportunity to develop auditing activity of ALSAI.

EUROSAI's future challenge is to remain an attractive organization that belongs to all of its members. This can only be achieved through changes, improvements and mutual interaction among all stakeholders, and being part of this framework, ALSAI remains committed to contribute in European and international level.