Doctor of Economic Sciences

Our challenge is a coherent vision for ALSAI, based on the best practices of EU countries and a strict adherence to audit international standards of INTOSAI. It is also a further realization of ALSAI mission against corruption and misuse of the public property administration, an improvement of audit methodology, with a special attention to the performance audit, along with an increase of financial audit efficiency, a synergy of policies and actions with other state structures of the same interest, by preserving ALSAI’s independence as the highest economic and financial audit body.

Our challenge is the developing of ALSAI’s human resources at the required level set by INTOSAI in accordance with integrating national challenges, as well as the public relation’s improvement of transparency, through a wide partnership with media and non-profit organizations interested in the fight against corruption.

Personal Information
Name Bujar
Father’s name Farudin
Last name Leskaj
Birthday 3 July 1966
Birthplace Vlora
Civil status Married, with four children.
1990 University of Tirana, Faculty of Geology-Mine
1998 University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy, Finance chair
2002 University of Tirana, Faculty of Law
2003 University of Nebraska – Lincoln USA – Degree in teaching at master level in Public Administration
2004 National Bar Association - Attorney
2005 University of Bamberg, Germany – specialization in Public Finance
2002- 2006 Faculty of Economy, postgraduate studies school – Master degree in Finance
2009 University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy – Theme on “Seignorage and some problems in Albania”
Doctor in Economic Sciences
Professional career
1993-1994 Customs official in Vlora customs
1994-1997 Chair of customs branch in Vlora
1997 (april-august) V/Director General - General Directorate of Customs
2000-2005 Lecturer in the Faculty of Economy, Finance Department
2005-2009 Part-time lecturer in the Faculty of Economy
2009- 2011 Lecturer in the Faculty of Economy
23 December 2011- ongoing Chairman of the State Supreme Audit
Political career
1997-2011 Active member of the Democratic Party
2001-2005 Member of Financial Board of the Democratic Party
2001- shtator 2011 Member of the National Council of the Democratic Party
2005-2009 Member of the Albanian Parliament
2005-2007 Minister, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports
2007-2009 Member of the permanent Delegation of the Parliament in the Parlamentiary Assembly of NATO;



Member of the Economy Commission in the Parliament of Albania

Chair of the Institute for Political Studies, "Ismail Qemal Vlora"

Foreign Languages
"Representatives of Vlora in the Parliament of Albania, 1912-2009, Tirana 2009
" Inside and Outside .....the PARLIAMENT ( may 2007-2009)", Tirana 2009
Seignorage", Doctoral theme, Tirana 2009
"Money and Bank" (Lectures), Tirana 2011

"Lectures in Finance" (Part I ), Tirana 2011,

"Muses of Resistance", Tirana 2011

"Lectures in Finance" (Part II ), Tirana 2012

Articles in scientific periodicals and daily newspapers

Participation in scientific Conferences
22 December 2011

Sworn in the Albanian Parliament after voting by the Assembly on 15 december 2011, of Presidential decree,

no.7163 date 17 november 2011.


Approved by 70 votes in favor, 61 against, 3 abstentions.


Mr.Bujar Leskaj, Chairman of ALSAI, is the promoter and co-author of all the ALSAI's publications, among which are:


- "The Historic of ALSAI 1925-2012"

- "EUROSAI", 2012

- "INTOSAI audit standards", 2012

- "Performance Audit Guidance", 2012


Mr.Bujar Leskaj, is the Chairman of the Scientific Magazine Board of ALSAI, "Public Audit". It is published quarterly in albanian and english languages. The first edition was issued in may 2012.