A Group of ALSAI Auditors Participated at 10th Annual EUROSAI WGEA Meeting


On the 22nd – 25th October 2012, in Cyprus took place the 10th Annual EUROSAI WGEA Meeting on Sustainable Development and Use of Data in Environmental Auditing. A group of ALSAI auditors composed of Mrs. Mimoza Lloji, Chief Auditor, Mr. Keida Muça, Auditor, Mr. Ermira Vojka, Auditor and Mr. Valentina Limaj, Specialist, participated at this meeting.

This meeting was focused on three main themes:

1.Sustainable Development Audit
2.Usage of Data on Environmental Auditing
3.Sharing of Information and Experiences among SAI States through Joint Audits.

The theme on Sustainable Development Audit addressed the following issues:

-Conduct of sustainable audits;
-Auditors role in improving the performance of government;
-The purpose of these audits and the methods used;
-The need to improve these methods in the future challenges and problems encountered during the fieldwork;
-The available legal framework, findings from audits;
-The recommendations given for improvement;
-Lessons learned.

The theme of Environmental Data Audit addressed the following issues:

-Insufficiency and importance of environmental data reliability assessment of surface water pollution;
-Practical experience in the audit field work and challenges;
-Audit methods, findings and conclusions;
-Growth of audit costs aiming to increase the volume and reliability of environmental data obtained during the audit;
-Risk of an audit failure as a result of the reliability of data made available.
The theme on sharing information and experience between SAI States through joint audits addressed the following issues:
-Joint audit on climate change adaptation. In this audit have participated the SAI of Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Ukraine and the European Court of Auditors. The project manager is the WGEA Secretariat. The project aims to contribute with basic knowledge about climate change to policy makers in various fields, as well as other interested stakeholders.
-Joint audit on shipping waste. In this audit have participated the SAI Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Slovenia and the Netherlands, which have carried out joint audits about strengthening the regulation on the transport of waste in the European Union.
-Joint audit on Emissions Trading of CO2 in the atmosphere, where Norway and Denmark are the coordinators of the audit to which have contributed Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden.
-Joint Audit Arctic Council, whose participants are the SAI of Denmark, Norway, Russia, Sweden, United States of America, Canada, Finland and Iceland and the coordinator SAI are Norway and Russia. The purpose of the audit is to describe the environmental and economic challenges and opportunities in the Arctic.
-Reporting of activities from AFROSAI WGEA, etc.

During the meeting, the group sessions were organized on the contributions brought from all participants, in relation to the themes and presentations of the meeting. The ALSAI participant group proved to be active in giving opinions about the SAI-s audit experiences, challenges and the importance that it would have for our institution to participate in joint audits.