ALSAI, takes part in the 15th meeting of the INTOSAI/WGEA


From June 3-6, in Tallin, Estonia was held the 15th meeting of the working group on environmental auditing of INTOSAI. Part of this meeting was the ALSAI delegation composed by Mrs. Helga Vukaj, Director General, Mrs. Mimoza Lloji, senior auditor, Mrs. Albana Pengili, senior auditor and Mrs. Ermira Vojka, auditor.


During this meeting there were discussed important issues which gave an overview on the past years developments such are:
•Conclusions of Rio meeting on climate changes, from Andres Tarand, politician and member of European Parliament.
•Rio’s meeting impact and sustainable development issues in Estonia, from Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, Environment Minister of Estonia.
•The future of environment issues after the Rio meeting, from Arnold Kreinlhuber, UN Programme for the Environment.
•Approval of working plan, 2014-2016.
•Presentation of 7th questionnaire results developed by the WGEA on environment audits of each SAI.
• The sinergy between climate adaptation audit and audit to prevent natural disasters by Gijs de Vries member of the European Court of Auditors, which was a very interesting presentation where audits have highlighted the importance of prevention of natural disasters in reducing costs and damages.
• Presentations made by various SAI about success stories and challenges in auditing matters relating directly or indirectly to the environment.
Such presentations were made by the SAI of Indonesia, Iraq, Malta, Estonia, France, Malaysia, Romania, etc.. These presentations had all in common the fact that, despite all the difficulties encountered due to the uncertainty of the law of SAI’s (not clear in the law SAI's mandate for environmental audits), the absence or inadequacy of reliable data, external experts, etc.., they have brought a positive impact on the environment and have been welcomed by stakeholders.
Other important issue, was the parallel sessions on different topics, specifically:
•Audit of water problematics from the GAO, USA;
• Environmental data from the SAI of Canada;
• Fraud and corruption from the SAI of Norway;
• Safeguard of natural forests, wildlife and tourism from the SAI of Tanzania;
Environmental problematics related to the infrastructure, from the British NAO.
The ALSAI tema participated:
1.During the session held by Mr. Steven Elstein (GAO of USA), on the audit of water issues.
2.Environmental problematics related to the infrastructure, held by Mrs. Jill Goldsmith (British NAO), with the participation of SAI’s of Estonia, New Zealand, South Korea, ect.