ALSAI signs Cooperation Agreements against Corruption with six domestic NGO-s

In the Headquarters of the ALSAI, on April 23rd, 2012, were signed six Cooperation Agreements against Corruption with six of the most important domestic NGO-s in the country: “Civil Alternative” led by Mr. Mentor Kikia; “Centre for Transparency and Free Information” led by Mr. Sami Neza; “Institute for Contemporary Studies” led by Mr. Artan Hoxha; “Institute for Democracy and Mediation” led by Mr. Sotiraq Hroni; “International Transparency in Albania” led by Mr. Lufti Dervishi; “European Movement Albania” led by Mr. Gledis Gjipali.

20120423112847_2These agreements were signed under the INTOSAI motto “Experentia mutual ominibus prodest” and thus, they promote mutual activities to be held between the ALSAI and the said NGO-s such as, observations, forecasts and joint studies, mutual participation in workshops, symposiums and conferences on the war against corruption, prevention of corruption and transparency of public institutions.


20120423112847_1The ALSAI highly appraises the experience and expertise of civil society organizations for the implementation of risk analysis in the selection of its audits and controls and also on making recommendations and reports to improve the performance of the audited institutions.

These agreements contemplate also the opportunity of drafting joint projects and their application to the interested donors, as an enforcement cooperation mean in the war against corruption.