ALSAI signs Cooperation Agreement with University College “LOGOS”


On June 19, 2019, the Chairman of the Albanian Supreme State Audit Institution, Mr. Bujar Leskaj and Rector of University College “LOGOS”, PhD. Nikoleta Mita signs a Cooperation Agreement on the premises of this university.

The agreement comes for the common interest of cooperating in enhancing the professional capacity and knowledge of the Albanian Supreme State Audit Institution staff on the one side, as well as in developing the curricula and scientific thinking of   University College “LOGOS”, on the other side, through the contribution of ALSAI as the highest institution of economic and financial control, which helps improving the management of public funds by the Government and other public entities through auditing.

The Chairman of the ALSAI Mr. Bujar Leskaj, emphasized that the cooperation agreement between the Supreme State Audit and the University College “LOGOS” will be implemented for both parties and will extend to concrete cooperations.

The ALSAI during the years 2012-2019 has been in the process of modernizing the institution and we have tried to introduce new data visualization techniques, to better define the areas and public contracting authorities with higher risk. To accomplish this approach, we have collaborated with USAID and prestigious institutions in this field. 

This experience and the expansion of cooperation with University College “LOGOS” is one of the indicators of this journey. The ALSAI is already confirmed as the most experienced institution in terms of not only external public auditing, but also of the methodological developments of the audit as a whole in accordance with International Standards on Auditing, ISSAI.


Transparency of the ALSAI activity is one of the aspects of functioning of our institution, based on INTOSAI standard, ISSAI 12 “ as an institution that leads through an example ”, and is one of the objectives of the institution's Communication Strategy.

In this context, the ALSAI has applied the "Data Mining" instrument, besides the "Big Data" approach, using the Czech SAI approach, related to managing the flow of government electronic information, which will enable the extraction of data different from external databases.

PhD. Nikoleta Mita, Rector of University College “LOGOS”, which is a consolidated University with over 10 years of experience, highly appreciated the signing of the agreement with ALSAI, as it will serve to better recognize labor market, joint scientific research, the realization   of students practices, etc.

PhD. Nikoleta Mita expressed a concrete interest to collaborate and share the experiences gained by the ALSAI in the realization of six Scientific Conferences in the last seven years. The Scientific Conference, organized annually by the ALSAI, will be an important meeting point to jointly develop scientific thinking in various fields of economic sciences and beyond.

Mr. Leskaj further stated that ALSAI can cooperate in support of the challenge of this University College for the development of the program of Master of Financial Engineering. More specifically through the application of a data mining instrument, which will enable the extraction of various data from online media, as articles prepared by ALSAI staff, or that cite ALSAI audit findings. It is based on keywords in the focus of the ALSAI such as effectiveness, efficiency, economy, economic damage, audit, missing income, legal improvements, etc.

Mr. Leskaj concluded his speech by underlining that “..this agreement will be implemented in practice in line with the philosophy of INTOSAI, which has also become the philosophy of the institution “Mutual Experience Benefits All”.