ALSAI participates in the meeting organized by the Czech and German SAI-s on the Strategic Objectives of EUROSAI


On October 9-10, 2019 in Liberec, Czechia,was held the 3rd meeting of one of the key directions of the EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2023 to support effective, innovative and adequate audits by promoting and mediating professional cooperation (SG1). This meeting was hosted by the co-organizing SAI-s of the Czechia and Germany. The meeting was attended by 36 representatives from 12 European SAI-s: Belgium, Britain, Estonia, Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. The Albanian State Supreme Audit Institution at this meeting was represented by Mr. Muhamed Kavaja, Mr. Ryisim Xhaja and Ms. Armanda Begaj.

The meeting began with a summary of developments in the EUROSAI Operational Plan, from the Turkish Court of Accounts, as the SAI having the EUROSAI Presidency and the Coordination Team Chair, as well as from the Czech and German SAI-s.

By Turkey-s SAI was presented the draft documents on:

• Project Closure;

• EUROSAI Product Quality Assurance.

From the SAI-s of Germany, Czechia, Belgium, Hungary and Great Britain were presented progress reports on projects:

1. EUROSAI innovation;

2. EUROSAI Audit Database;

3. Database of EUROSAI products;

4. Monitoring the implementation of audit recommendations;

5. Trainings;

6. Quality management Project Group, etc.

Czech SAI introduced the platform of BIEP-Benchmarking Information Exchange Project, (Information Exchange Platform), which is a platform that fosters collaboration between SAI-s, by sharing ideas and experiences in using the same audit methodology and aiming to compare key performance indicators (KPI) under specific country conditions.

At the end of the session, a session of exchanging ideas on the databases used in the EUROSAI member SAI-s, as well as various surveys and questionnaires was organized.

T he first day of the meeting was concluded with detailed information on the 11th EUROSAI Congress, to be held in Prague in 2020.

The second day of the SG1 meeting was devoted primarily to discussion sessions and exchanges of ideas on issues such as integrating EUROSAI databases to make them more user-friendly and effective; and expectations from the forthcoming EUROSAI Presidency as well. At the end of the meeting the SG1 Operational Plan was updated.