ALSAI participates in the course "SAI Performance Measurement Framework"


On October3-5, in Madrid was organized the training on the recognition and application of the SAI-PMF (Performance Measurement System) by IDI (INTOSAI Development Initiative). The purpose of this training was to raise the awareness of SAIs in measuring their individual performance.

The SAI-PMF itself was endorsed as INTOSAI's document at the XXII Congress of INCOSAI, held in Abu Dhabi in December 2016, thus opening the way for its implementation in all interested countries.

The training focused on several key issues:

  • I n the instrument and methodology of evaluation PMF;
  • the purpose of a SAI's PMF assessment and how reports can be used by SAIs and external partners;
  • an appropriate process for conducting a PMF for the purposes of the country's assessment and context;
  • the strengths and limitations of the PMF;
  • the valuesand benefits of SAIs using the PMF framework.

    During the first and second day of the training domain A (Independence and Legal Framework) domain B (Internal Governance and Ethics) and Domain C (Quality of Audit and Reporting) were discussed. All of the domains discussed were accompanied by examples, group work, and practical cases so that they could be implemented in different SAIs.

    On the third day, domain D, E, F was discussed along with exercises to explain in detail the entire PMF framework to carry out the evaluation process.

    Participants in this seminar were auditors of management levels from different countries such as Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Ukraine, Kuwait, European Court of Auditors, Sweden, etc. ALSAI was represented by Mrs. Manjola Naco, General Director and Mrs. Elisa Metaj, a specialist in the Directorate of Communication and Foreign Relations, who collaborated with colleagues from the United Kingdom, Armenia and Senegal on case studies that took place during 3 days of training.