ALSAI participates in the XXII-th edition of the Book Fair


On November 13-17, 2019, the Albanian Supreme State Audit Institution participated in the XXII-th edition of the Book Fair, in Tirana, marking the seventh consecutive year of dignified participation, with 109 publications versus 17 publications of 2013, when first participated in this fair.

The opening speech was delivered by Ms. Luljeta Nano, General Secretary of the ALSAI, who appreciated the ALSAI publications over the years and their importance in enhancing the transparency of the institution's activity.


Then spoke Ms. Irena Islami, Director of the Directorate of Communication, Publication and Foreign Relations. Ms. Islami emphasized that based on the Institution Development Strategy for 2018-2022 and on the ALSAI Communication Strategy 2017-2019, we have gathered today in this hall to promote ALSAI publications over the years and especially those of the 2019.

In this year's fair, ALSAI is presented with 109 titles, among which:

  • 22 numbers of the Scientific Journal “Public Audit” in albanian and english;
  • 7 annual analysis of the ALSAI work;
  • 8 publications dedicated to the performance of the institution in albanian and english;
  • 12 volumes of auditors' summarized writings in the daily press;
  • 6 volumes related to the ALSAI annual Scientific Conferences;

    Other titles reflecting ALSAI audits in 2012-2018, ALSAI strategies, INTOSAI history, ALSAI regulations, etc.

    Not unintentionally at the beginning we listed 22 numbers of the Scientific Journal “Public Audit”, which continues to “stand with dignity”, despite the great efforts needed to realize it.

    In this Journal have contributed with their writings personalities in the field of Economics from the country, as well as recognized and experienced personalities from Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI-s) from countries in the region and beyond, giving “Public Audit” an added value and a regional dimension, contributing to the gathering of advanced opinion of audit professionals.

    The ALSAI Publications series contains 12 very special publications (one encyclopedia), “ALSAI auditors in daily media”, referring to the writings of ALSAI auditors in the period 2013- August 2019. The articles, analyzes and editorials of the ALSAI auditors are undoubtedly an added value to the Albanian media, increasing the transparency of the institution's activity.

    The series of the ALSAI publications has been added with 8 titles in 2019:

    • The performance of ALSAI activity for 2018 in albanian and english;

    • Two numbers of the Research-Scientific Journal, “Public Audit”;

    • ALSAI auditors in the daily press;

    • The Chairman documents, 2016-2018;

    • The Manual of Public Procurement Audit;

    • The ALSAI Regulation of Audit Procedures & The Regulation of the Management System of Processes;

    The ALSAI publication series will be completed by the end of this year with 2 more publications, bringing to 111 the number of publications completed in eight years (journal no.23 and publication for the Young ALSAI Conference).

    Ms. Islami made a brief summary of every publication of 2019, focusing on:

    The Manual of Public Procurement Audit

    Emphasizing the important and irreplaceable role that public external audit has in protecting the State's interests in the area of procurement, the ALSAI was supported by the World Bank through the Project “The Enhancement of Procurement Performance” which had as its objective: strengthening and developing monitoring compliance and enhancing transparency in public procurement procedures, as well increasing the SAI-s capacities to audit procurement of public contracts and donor funded contracts in Albania.

    The most important product was the drafting of the “Manual of Public Procurement Audit”, prepared by a World Bank Expert in the field of public procurement, which was adapted by the ALSAI as required by the institution.

    Together with the publication of the SAI “The EU Directive on Public Procurement and the Concessionary Contracts”, the Manual of Public Procurement Audit forms a complete set of guidelines with useful instructions and documents for the ALSAI auditors in realizing their mission in observating and evaluating the regularity and performance of the public procurement system in Albania, as well as how to use public funds. Scientific Journal, number 21 (august - december 2018) and Scientific Journal, number 22 (january - april 2019)

    Three numbers of ALSAI Research-Scientific Journal are added annually to the Institution's publication series, starting in 2012. This year two numbers (21 and 22) have been completed in which have contributed with their writings Dr. Bujar Leskaj, Chairman of ALSAI, PhD. Skender Osmani, auditors and directors of the US Government Audit Office and the European Court of Auditors, lecturers, professors, professionals in the field, etc.

    The ALSAI Regulation of Audit Procedures

    The ALSAI, guided by the best international and proffesional practices, committed to developing and advancing, develops and updates the methodological, regulatory and guidance basis and therefore has as part of its 2019 series, the publications:

    - The ALSAI Regulation of Audit Procedures ; and

    - The Regulation of the Management System of Processes (RevZone).

    The new organic law expanded the auditing dimension by outlining new horizons. In function of this development, the audit methodology was fully crystallized at all of its levels.

    Mr. Fatos Çoçoli, focused on the publication, the Chairman Documents, 2016-2018 and emphasized that this publication follows the publication “4 Years of Public External Audit” (2012-2015) and refers to the activity of the Albanian Supreme State Audit Institution, for the three-year period 2016-2018. In the same line with these two publications, ALSAI has also published the book “Documents of the Controlling Council 1925-1939”.

    The book has seven chapters, in which are included the reports of the Chairman of the ALSAI in the Committee on Economy and Finance and the Parliament of Albania; Articles published in the daily press; Writings on the Research-Scientific Journal, “Public Audit”; Discussions in the ALSAI Annual Analysis; Presentations and commentaries at Scientific Conferences, etc.

    Ms. Luljeta Nano, General Secretary of ALSAI discussed over two publications: The performance of ALSAI activity for 2018 in albanian and The performance of ALSAI activity for 2018 in english;

    ALSAI has included in its series of publications since 2013, the publication of Performance of its activity in both languages albanian and english (a joint edition) and it is the fourth time in 2019 that this book is published separately in english, to respond to the growing interest for this publication from international partners, ranging from the Supreme Audit Institutions with whom we have a very close cooperation, as well with all foreign diplomatic representations accredited in Tirana, the organizations and foreign associations working in Albania, especially in the area of the well management of the funds and the fight against corruption.

    The Regulation of the Management System of Processes;

    The inclusion in this issue of the The Regulation of the Management System of Processes refers to the fact that the use of information technology is indispensable for enhancing the effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of the audit process.

    Mr. Aldo Kita, Responsible of IT Sector provided an overview of this publication. The implementation of the processes management information system in the Albanian Supreme State Audit Institution will optimize the audit process by respecting the principles on which it is based.

    The Regulation of the Management System of Processes provides a complete overview of the procedures followed for managing, administering, and using the information system that the Albanian Supreme State Audit Institution uses to manage audit and administrative processes.

    This regulation offers a complete documentation of the instructions necessary for the processing and storage of information and processes generated through the information system.

    As an important document for the well-functioning of the system, this regulation also defines the general principles and organizational and technical measures for the protection and maintenance of data security.

    ALSAI Auditors in the daily press (volume XII, january - august 2019);

    The presence of the ALSAI auditors in the print media, whose writings have been presented to the public in several volumes, and concretely the ALSAI has completed the XII-th volume of these publications, or otherwise the “Encyclopedia” with 12 volumes of the work of ALSAI auditors in 7 Years (2013-2019 period).

    Mr. Redi Ametllari highlighted that the publication “ALSAI Auditors in the daily press” has reached its XXII volume, but the 12th edition is not its last stop. Usually, publications followed by volumes happen to suffer a decline, but this publication has always been enriching, and all auditors who have contributed on that are its co-authors.

    While it may seem like a simple book, an anthology of writings, in fact the publication itself, constitutes an important institutional reform for transparency. All of our work is related to the process of writing, from beginning to the end and thanks to our work at the ALSAI, we are offered an opportunity to provide citizens directly with the newspaper, the problems and causes behind the figures and the range of laws and DCM-s.

    Auditors in the general press - continued Mr. Ametllari - have another role, which a good part of us can discover later. It will serve as a mosaic of memories, where each of us can return later, whether to remember time in the ALSAI or even for a book of memoirs or a scientific work.

    In the end, the meeting was concluded by Ms. Islami, who emphasized that the ALSAI challenge was 100 titles at the end of 2018. With the number of publications we have realized so far as an institution, we can say that we are no longer in front of a challenge but a reality.

    The ALSAI publication series with its 111 titles by the end of 2019 has certified the fact that the institution is challenging itself because there is no other state institution that has given so much importance to the book and the capacity building of its staff.

    After completing the promotion of the ALSAI publication series, the auditors visited the book fair.