ALSAI participates in the Regional Conference on Parliamentary Oversight that took place in Pristina


On May 7, 2019, a regional conference on Parliamentary Oversight was held in Pristina, focusing in particular on Public Finances. This conference was organized by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, respectively the Committee on Public Financial Supervision with the support of Deutche Gesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, as the main partner of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.

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This conference was attended by representatives of the Parliamentary Committees and Supreme Audit Institutions of the region from: Kosovo as the host country, Albania, North Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. The event was attended also by the Chairman of the EU Budget Control Commission, the ECA President, Mr. Klaus Heiner Lehne, the United Kingdom General Auditor, World Bank representatives, etc.

ALSAI was represented in this activity by Ms. Lindita Milo, Deputy Chairman of ALSAI and Mr. Rinald Muça, Director of the Department of Performance Audit.

The meeting was initially greeted by Mr. Driton Selmanaj, Chairman of the Committee on Public Financial Supervision, who welcomed all the guests and thanked them for the contribution given to the realization of this Conference.

At the first session spoke Mr. Driton Selmanaj, Chairman of the Committee for Public Finance Oversight in the Assembly of Kosovo, Mr. Lumir Abdixhiku, Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee, and Mr. Mitchell O'Brien, representative of the World Bank.
During their discussions, they were focused on the role and functions of these two parliamentary committees, respectively in the field of Public Financial Oversight, as well as on the Budget and Finance, highlighting the importance of cooperation between them and especially the value that brings this cooperation. In particular, it was discussed the complementary role of the two committees in the Ex-Post and Ex-ante parliamentary oversight.

In the second session it was discussed regarding the collaboration between the Parliamentary Committees and the State Audit Offices. During this session spoke Mr. Besnik Osmani, Auditor General of the Kosovo National Office, as well as head of Parliamentary Committees from North Macedonia, Croatia, as well as the Chairman of the EU Budget Control Committee. The discussions were focused on how SAI audit reports can be used as a source of information by Parliamentary Committees in order for governments to be responsible for spending public money.

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At the second session, as part of the discussion panel, Ms. Lindita Milo, the Deputy Chairman of ALSAI, presented the experience of the Albanian public external audit institution on collaboration with the Albanian Parliament. Referring to the basic principles of the Lima and Mexico Declarations as well as the UN resolutions on SAI independency, it was emphasized the importance of implementing recommendations addressed to public entities derived from auditing activities and the vital role of collaboration and the support from the Parliament to increase the efficiency of ALSAI activity. In principle, Supreme Audit Institutions should be considered as good governance mechanisms that promote transparency and the government's commitment to meeting the objectives that are set by the parliament that represents the will of the citizens of a country, thus essentially increasing the welfare of the citizens.
In the interest of the question of the representative of the World Bank on the basic principles of defining performance audit topics, Mr. Rinald Muça, Director of the Performance Audit Department, presented the criteria used by ALSAI during the planning process of these audits as well as cooperation with SAI-s in the region and further, in order to accomplish joint or parallel performance audits.

Also in the afternoon spoke the leaders of the SAI-s of  North Macedonia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, the ECA President and the United Kingdom General Counsel. Discussions were of great interest and were accompanied by questions from the participants.