ALSAI participates in the IX Meeting on Auditing Ethics organized by the Task Force (EUROSAI) on Ethics


On October 22-23, 2018, it was held in Lisbon the IXth meeting of the EUROSAI Task Force Group on "Audit and Ethics" (TFA & E). As a member of this group ALSAI participated in this important EUROSAI activity, which addressed one of the most current issues for public administration related to prevention and fight against corruption. The handling of this topic is of paramount importance for SAIs which aim the sound public finance management. This meeting was attended by representatives of 20 SAIs: Austrian Court of Auditors, French Court of Auditors, European Court of Auditors, Poland, Netherlands, Albania, Macedonia, Israel, Italy, Malta, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and Greece. Portugal's Court of Auditors, which heads the EUROSAI Task Force, was the hos SAI. The welcome speech was held by the President of the Portuguese Court of Accounts, Vitor Caldeira. During his speech, Mr. Caldeira stressed the fact that EUROSAI believes that the Task Force for Audit & Ethics is studying and working hard to achieve the main goal of promoting ethical behavior in both Supreme Audit Institutions and public organizations. We will strive to be useful, to lead by example, to increase the values of SAIs, leadership and staff, as well as the citizens we serve - continued Mr. Caldeira.


During the meeting there were addressed and discussed issues of interest such as:

  • Promoting Ethics in Public Sector Organizations;


  • Ethics Auditing in Public Sector Organizations;


  • The role of SAIs in disseminating a culture of integrity;


  • Implementation of ISSAI 30 and new ideas in this regard;


  • European Directives for the protection of whistle-blowers;
  • Anti-corruption management system, etc. During the second day, the meeting focused on referrals and discussions on encouraging SAIs to promote integrity in the public sector. This section also included the presentation by Ms. Isrena Islami on the results of the Performance Audit on the Anticorruption Strategy of the Albanian Government, also implemented with the support of the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI). Ms. Islami presented the audit objectives, the context in which the audit was conducted, the audit period, the audited entities and especially the audit messages, conclusions and recommendations.
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    The audit focused on one of the objectives of the Albanian Anti-corruption Strategy "Adopting anti-corruption policies from the local government". One of the main recommendations of ALSAI was the establishment of the National Anti-Corruption Agency, in order to ensure the implementation of the strategy with efficiency and effectiveness. Ms. Islami thanked the organizers and especially the IDI for the support they provided to the ALSAI auditors during these years, in terms of increasing the audit capacities and the institutional modernization.