ALSAI participates in the 3rd meeting of the EUROSAI Task Force on Municipality Audit


On October 10-11, in Lisbon, Portugal was held the 3rd EUROSAI Task Force (TFMA) Meeting on Municipalities Audit. The Albanian State Supreme Audit Institution, in the quality of TFMA member, was represented by the auditors, Mr. Alush Zaçe, Ms. Marjola Llanaj, Ms. Aulona Jonuzi and Mr. Redi Ametllari. The EUROSAI Task Force on Municipalities Audit gathers around 28 European SAI-s and is considered one of the most important meetings in the constellation of activities conducted under the EUROSAI umbrella.

In the third year of its development, the TFMA meeting focused on “The executed functions by municipalities” and the proceedings were opened by the speech of the President of the Court of Auditors of  Portugal, Mr. Vitor Manuel da Silva Caldeira, as the host SAI of the event of TMFA. In his speech, Mr. Caldeira assessed the 3-rd meeting of TMFA as an organization of major importance to the community of Supreme Audit Institutions of Europe, as part of the exchange of experiences on audit of municipalities between SAI-s in the old continent.

Throughout his speech, Mr. Caldeira informed the participants on the new changes Portugal is undertaking to initiate a new decentralization process of local government. In the light of these changes in Portugal, Mr. Caldeira emphasized that this third TFMA meeting provides a valuable contribution to the decentralization process in recognizing the best practices. It is worth emhasizing that the Court of Auditors of Portugal is a SAI friend of ALSAI and the Chairman, Mr. Vitor Manuel da Silva Caldeira, with the quality of the Chairman of the European Court of Auditors, has been awarded with the title “HONORIS CAUSA” by the University of Tirana in 2015.

The meeting was also greeted by Mr. Arunas Dulkys, Head of the Audit Office of Lithuania, SAI founder of the EUROSAI Task Force on Municipalities Audit. In his speech, Mr. Dulkys emphasized the fact that TFMA is increasingly becoming a protagonist forum and echo   in the EUROSAI community, where in addition to sharing audit experiences, it is also playing a role in cultural exchange between participants. In his discourse, Mr. Dulkys underlined that SAI audits in local government constitute an important pillar of the audit mandate of Supreme Audit Institutions which bring added value to the improvement of services that citizens receive from local government.

At the moderated meeting by Ms. Jura Ivonaityte, from the SAI of Lithuania were presented works on:

•Functions of municipalities and their effective financing;

•Alternatives to improving the functions of municipalities;

•Conducting performance audits on inter-budgetary   relations (central-local).

Part of the meeting was the development of a workshop where participants were asked to select functions such as health care, tourism, consumer protection to argue on certain criteria whether or not they should be included in local government competencies.

On the second day of the meetings, reports on TFMA activity were presented, where the Albanian State Supreme Audit Institution contributed to all reports and surveys as follows:

•Activity 1.1.1: Implementation of strategic objectives, Using the municipality data;

•Activity 1.9.2: Gathering and collating information on municipal revenues;

•Activity 1.9.2: Establishment of a database on municipal spending data;

•Activity 1.9.3: Publication of audit data on “State-owned companies (local)”;

•Activity 2.1-2.3: Internal Audit Systems in TMFA member states.

At the closure of the activity, the member states also adopted a draft of the preliminary activity for 2020.

Under the patronage and organization of the Court of Auditors of Portugal, it was developed a touristic tour in the historic area of ​​Lisbon, Belem, where TFMA SAI-s participants had the opportunity to visit famous historical sites such as the Belem Tower and the Monument to the Discoveries.

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