ALSAI participates in the 21st edition of the Book Fair


Between 14 and 18 November 2018, the Albanian Supreme Audit Institution participated in the 21st edition of the Book Fair in Tirana, marking for the sixth consecutive year a dignified participation, featuring 95 publications versus 17 publications of 2013, when he first participated modestly at this fair. ALSAI publications, alongside public information, assist public auditors to build their capacities, rigorous implementation of INTOSAI standards and exchange of best practices, based on the INTOSAI motto “Mutual experience benefits all”.

panairi 2018 1

On November 16, the ALSAI publications were presented at the Palace of Congresses. This activity was attended by the chairman of SAI, Prof. dr. Dr. Skender Osmani, Prof.Dr.Pajtim Ribaj, and Prof.Dr. Sazan Guri, translator Astrit Beqiraj, external experts of SSA and media representatives. The welcome speech was held by the Chairman of the Albanian Supreme Audit Institution, Mr. Bujar Leskaj , who emphasized that " based on the institution's Development Strategy for the period 2018-2022 and the ALSAI Strategy 2017-2019, we are gathered today in this hall to promote the ALSAI publications in years and especially those of 2018. The titles of ALSAI's publications in these seven years are really impressive, both for the resemblance of topics, the depth of the scientific argument, historical records, the value of conclusions and reflections, as well as the amount of information they contain, both for the readers of the audit field and the economy, as well as for the simple reader interested in the audit field. "

The series of ALSAI publications have increased in recent years with more and more qualitative titles and at this year's fair, we are presenting 95 titles, among which:

· 20 editions of the "Public Audit" Search-Scientific Journal in Albanian and English;

· 7 annual reports of ALSAI work;

· 8 publications dedicated to the performance of the institution in Albanian and English;

· 10 volumes of summary writings of auditors in the daily press

· 6 volumes related to the ALSAI Scientific Annual Conferences;

· 17 titles related to INTOSAI Standards, Manuals and Audit Guidelines;

· 4 titles related to Ethics and Integrity;

· 16 other titles that reflect SAI audits in 2012-2015, SSA's strategies, INTOSAI history, etc.

Mr. Leskaj mentioned that the publication of all these titles is in line with the new approach that ALSAI has embraced in recent years, which is fully in line and based on professional standards of public supreme audit, ISSAI.

In addition, the Secretary General, Mr. Luljeta Nano, presented 11 completed publications of 2018, pointing out that ALSAI participates in this cultural event following the tradition already established for seven years with a series of publications, the editions of which represent a rich range of values, works, research, reflection of institutional activity and leadership contributions and ALSAI staff, but not only. Valuable contributions come from the academic world, from well-known domestic and foreign professionals in the field of economics, auditing, accounting etc.

panairi 2018 2

The Director of the Directorate of Communication, Publishing and Foreign Relations, Ms. Irena Islami, focused her discussion on the five books that will complete the series of ALSAI editions for 2018: Chairman's Documents, 2016-October 2018; Cooperation with GAO, ECA, NIK and SAI of Kuwait; Training and professional development; Performance Audits in KLSH November 2017-2018 and IT Audits and Volume XI, "ALSAI Auditors in the Daily Press”

Ms. Islami made a short presentation on the content of these five titles and particularly emphasized the publication "Training and professional development of ECA auditors and ALSAI experience in staff training over the past seven years". For ALSAI, which aims to be a trustworthy professional institution, the upgrading of professional staff capacities is a primary objective. A qualitative assistance to the methodology for drafting effective training plans is the experience of the European Court of Auditors (ECA). In order to bring as close as possible to SAI auditors the methodology and approach that this Court has pursued over the years to train its staff, the ALSAI has translated and will publish the publication " Training and professional development of ECA auditors and ALSAI experience in training staff over the last seven years ".

The ALSAI Chairman after thanking the participants closed the activity, underlining that ".. We have emphasized in other activities and the last year fair that our challenge was to conclude 100 editions by 2018. With the number of publications that we have realized so far as an institution, we can say that we have reached our goal. ALSAI's publications will be 101 titles at the end of this year. These publications serve to increase transparency and accountability by making an important quantitative and qualitative step in contributing to good governance by making public and transparent all of the institution's activity and capacity building in the field of public audit.

I would like to emphasize recently that the publication of the ALSAI publications is at the top of the 10 innovations that have been accomplished as an institution and this is something we should all be proud of. I think that these editions will serve as a trace, among many others that we will leave in the work of SAI, for which we all have our contribution. "