ALSAI participates in the 20th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the State Audit Office of North Macedonia


The 20th anniversary of the State Audit Office   Of North Macedonia was celebrated on march 29, 2019 in Skopje, Macedonia. This activity was attended by representatives of SAI-s of the region and beyond, such as: Kosovo, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Croatia etc,. It was also attended by the members of the Macedonian Parliament as well as the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of North Macedonia, Mr.Goran Misovski, sepresentatives of the EU delegation in North Macedonia etc. ALSAI was represented in this activity by Mrs. Lindita Milo, Deputy Chairman of ALSAI and Mrs. Irena Islami, Director of the Directorate of Communication, Publications and Foreign Relations.


The meeting was initially welcomed by the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of North Macedonia, Mr. Goran Misovski, who congratulated the auditors for this important anniversary. Mr. Misovski highly praised the cooperation that has existed between the Assembly and the State Audit Office. The recent amendments to the law on the functioning of the State Audit Office of North Macedonia aimed at approximating this legislation to that of the countries of European Union. The State Audit Office has professional, independent auditors that work on being a citizen guardian for public money retention.

The deputy Chairman of the State Audit Office of North Macedonia, Mr. Naser Ademi made the 20-year work balance of this institution, pointing out that good work results were achieved by interlacing the work of all auditors generations. The State Audit Office has a primary role - underlined Mr. Ademi - in the financial control system for the responsible spending of public funds in northern Macedonia. Mr. Ademi also highlighted the challenges of the institution in the future, which are set out in the Development Strategy of this Office for the period 2018-2022. The State Audit Office, relying on human resources and the IT strategy, will be focusing on strengthening the institution's independence and integrity, enhancing auditors professional skills and improving the quality of audit work.

Then spoke the Turkish Court of Accounts President (TCA), Mr. Seit Ahmet Bas, who brought the best wishes for the 20th anniversary of the North Macedonia SAI and also conveyed the way the TCA functioned and its relations with the Parliament.

Currently, the State Audit Office of North Macedonia is implementing with the Bulgarian and Croatian SAI in a twinning project dedicated to the relations of SAI with Parliament, Public Procurement audits, Performance Audits etc,. That was the project that it was referred to during his speech by the President of the Bulgarian SAI, Mr. Tzvetan Tzvetkov, praising the cooperation and expertise of the Macedonian auditors.


The activity was also greeted by Mr. Freek Janmaat, from the EU Delegation to North Macedonia, Mr. Besnik Osmani, General Auditor of the National Audit Office of Kosovo, Mrs. Nedilkja Rogosic, Assistant of the General Auditor of Croatia, etc. Discussions and questions also followed Mrs. Liljana Kuzmanovska, Chair of the Finance and Budget Committee in the Parliament of North Macedonia.

At the end, the activity was greeted by the President of the European Court of Auditors, Mr. Klaus-Heiner Lehne, who after congratulating the participants for the 20th anniversary, focused on the importance of SAI-s independence, but simultaneously highlighted the importance of cooperation with all stakeholders in order to have positive results in our work as external public auditors.