ALSAI participates in the 11th Subcommittee on Economic, Financial and Statistical Affairs, EU – Albania


On October 3, 2019, in Brussels, it was held the 11th  EU-Albania SubCommittee Meeting on Economic and Financial Affairs and Statistics.

The agenda of the ALSAI meeting covered the discussion of the ALSAI developments in the field of External Audit, the Pillar 6 in the Public Finance Management Strategy 2014-2020, for the reporting period throughout 2018 and the first six months of 2019.
The ALSAI was represented by the delegation composed of Ms. Luljeta Nano, General Secretary, Ms. Albana Gjinopulli, Head of Department and Mr. Gjovalin Preci, Director of the Directorate of Standards and Quality Assurance.

The object of the discussion was focused on the four main aspects that included issues of: Progress in implementing the Law of ALSAI and experience in executing recently improved audit manuals; Generalization of the follow-up of the ALSAI Annual Report; General overview of the perceived impact of the ALSAI audit work and the role of the ALSAI in the fight against fraud and corruption, the situation of cases reported by the ALSAI to the Prosecutor.

At the end of the presentation by the Subcommittee representatives, it was assessed the work made by the ALSAI and the progress achieved in reporting and meeting requirements   in the area of external audit the public sector in Albania. This was reflected in the Subcommittee-s press release where it was assessed that the EC welcomed Albania’s efforts to improve the timely and systematic implementation of audit recommendations.

Representatives of the Directorates-General (DG NEAR and DG Budget) in their comments on ALSAI reporting, also highlighted the ALSAI-s efforts to: update the legal framework and update audit manuals as essential requirements to ensure the effectiveness of an SAI, the “ Independence” of the institution and the auditors. Also, methodological development with a comprehensive framework of audit manuals, methodologies and guidelines ensures that capacity development is conducted in the right direction and expectations are met. The ALSAI-s efforts to increase the level of implementation of the recommendations were highly appreciated and the Commission was acknowledged with the latest letter that the Chairman of the ALSAI, addressed to the Albanian Parliament emphasizing the necessity and importance of setting up a subcommittee on audit matters.  For their part, DG representatives showed a high interest in supporting this initiative, considering it very important for public auditing. To this end, in the Public Finance Management Strategy 2019 - 2022, in Pillar 7 on oversight of public finances, in addition to the ALSAI, the EC has requested the involvement of the Albanian Parliament. 

A special assessment was presented by Mr. Raymond Hill on the impact of Cooperation Agreements signed between ALSAI and NPO-s, public institutions and professional organizations and universities. The argumentation on the basis of the implementation of ALSAI Communication Strategy 2017 -2029, introduced the DG Budget representative with the benefits of implementing Cooperation Agreements and other activities aiming at involving stakeholders, such as the involvement of experts in ALSAI audits, consulting activities in the form of scientific sessions or discussion tables, Scientific Conferences, Open Month organization, information exchanging and many other forms of communication with which ALSAI aims to impact the audit work to the simplest citizen and vice versa “The voice of the citizen should be heard” and evaluated by fulfilling the motto “ALSAI serves the citizen”.

Despite the achievements that ALSAI has made in recent years, EC-s external audit recommendations remain and aim the improvement on:

a. Ensuring full implementation of the SAI Legal Framework;

b. Further improving of the quality of audit work;

c. Improving timely implementation of audit recommendations.

EU-Albania 11th Subcommittee on Economic and Financial Issues and Statistics