ALSAI organizes memorial academy for prof. Stanislav Zuber, world-renowned engineer and geologist


On October 14, 2018, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the birth of geologist and oil engineer Prof. dr. Stanislav Zuber, ALSAI in cooperation with the professorship of the Faculty of Geology and Mines of the Polytechnic University of Tirana and with the Association of Friendship Albania-Poland organized the Memorial Academy in honor of Prof. Zuber, in the form of a scientific symposium, in the central hall of the Academy of Sciences. This event was attended by personalities of the field of geology, representatives of the Academy of Sciences, Ambassador of Poland in Albania, Karol Bachura, Vice-President of the National Audit Office of Poland (NIK) Wojciech Kutyla, representatives of Albania-Poland Friendship Association, representatives of civil society, SAI auditors, etc.


In his opening remarks the Head of ALSAI Bujar Leskaj emphasized that in 1927-1947 Albania had the chance to benefit from the extraordinary 20-year scientific contribution of Prof. Stanislav Zuber. He inherited the Central Archives of Geology and the Petroleum Institute 551 works and scientific papers, with 480 full papers. Prof. Zuber is the drafter of the Albanian tectonic map of the scale of 1: 4 000 000, of the Geological Map of Albania at the scale of 1: 200 000 and of the Albanian Mineral Map on the scale of 1: 300 000. The Ambassador of Poland in Albania, Karol Bachura said that in 2017 a road in Tirana received the name of Prof. Zuber, just near the whereabouts of the former prison where he died of torture in 1947. While the TAP pipeline, the major work that extends today also in Albania and coming from Azerbaijan to finish in Italy, describes exactly the beginning of life and work of Prof. Zuber, with the initial contribution to the discovery of oil in Azerbaijan, then in Albania and the export of Albanian oil to Italy.


The Vice-President of NIK, Wojciech Kutyla, in his speech underlined the importance he has for the institution he represents and for the entire Polish society and the nation, in detail of the work and contribution of prominent intellectuals, both Polish and friendly countries and partners with Poland, such as Albania and its supreme public audit institution. Prof. Dr. Arqile Teta, the well-known scholar and author of the monographic book devoted to Prof. Zuberit "Prof. Stanislav Zuber-Life and Work ", also translated into Polish in 2017, in his statement emphasized that" With Zuber began the industrialization of Albania. Some economists of today, in the discussions we have made, accept this thesis; there are no arguments to break down ... Only Prof. Zuberi managed to uncover the Devoll's oil tanker (as he then called Kuchova Zuber) and in 1928 threw the first well that gave fuel in industrial quantities and industrial ... Later, when Patos oil was added, Zuber enlarged the diameter of the pipeline from Fier to Vlore to 300 mm. This was the beginning of the export of Albanian oil, as an Albanian industrial product. Thus, the first step of the industrialization of the country was launched, which started from the oil industry that was designed and built by Prof. Zuber" . In other papers, well-known scholars and geologists, Prof. Dr. Skender Osmani, Prof. Dr. Shyqyri Aliaj, Prof. Dr. Alexander Çina, prof. Dr. Kujtim Onuzi, Prof. dr. Dr. Gafur Muka and Prof. Dr. Sazan Guri brought the dimensions and values of his bibliography, the figure of the great Polish engineer and geologist as outstanding tectonist, the contribution to Albanian magmatism, the importance of his maps, the topographic mapping model, and the oil exploration and research in maps. The meeting was closed by Mr. Leonard Zissi, on behalf of Albania-Poland Friendship Association and Mr.Astrit Beqiraj, who addressed a very interesting topic "Prof. Stanislav Zuber's a personality in Albanian media and his work in Poland ".