ALSAI attends the e-Governance subgroup meeting of the EUROSAI IT group


On September 18 and 19, 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal a meeting was held on the e-Governance Space and Active IT Audit Manual, of the EUROSAI IT sub-group, ITWG, one of the most active working groups of EUROSAI that intends to encourage Europe-s Supreme Audit Institutions to jointly explore the strategic impacts resulting from developments in the field of information technology (IT), both in the field of auditing and in the use of IT in administration institutional setting of SAI-s.

The meeting, that was organized under the auspices of the Court of Accounts of Portugal, was attended by representatives from Poland, Portugal, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as a representative of the United States GAO.
The ALSAI was represented at this meeting by the Director of the Information Technology Audit Department, Mr. Kozma Kondakçiu and the auditors Ms. Elsona Papadhima and Mr. Delor Prosi.



On September 18, Mr. Pawel Jan Banas,   Polish NIK representative, on behalf of the leading SAI of the working group, following the opening remarks and thanks of the Portuguese Court of Accounts as the host of this meeting, made a presentation of the subgroup projects of e-government. Then the participants discussed over the importance for governments seeking to apply electronic government e-GOV, drafting and implementing a legal framework governing the use of IT in public services, ensuring that the legal framework is kept up to date with developments in this sector. This discussion was followed with great interest and attention by the ALSAI representatives as Albania has a digital services platform such as e-Albania.

By Mr. João Carlos Cardoso, representative of the Court of Accounts of Portugal, was introduced the web version of the Active IT Audit Manual (AITAM), a new and updated version. The first day of the meeting was concluded with the presentation of Mr. Madhav Singh Panwar, of the US GAO on updating Chapter 5 on IS / Information Security in the IT Audit Manual.

On the second day the meeting continued with the presentation of the IC-Watch project by Mr. Banas. Together with Mr. Piotr Prokopczyk of Polish NIK , Mr. Banas presented the state of the CUBE project on audits, demonstrating it with concrete examples of GAO audit reports of the United States of America and the English NAO. In his presentation Mr. Banas emphasized that “ CUBE (Control Space for e-Government) is a module designed by SAI-s members of EUROSAI - IT Working Group, to simplify and consolidate IT auditing. The purpose of this module is to turn it into an intelligent database of audit reports, from which electronic government e-GOV audits can be easily accessed. ”

Following, representatives at the meeting were involved in developing practical exercises from audits received by CUBE for module testing based on artificial intelligence technology for selecting and evaluating key findings of an audit project.
In the closing speech, the moderators of the meeting, Mr. Pawel Jan Banas and Mr. João Carlos Cardoso, announced that the next EUROSAI ITWG meeting will be held in October 2019, in Bratislava, Slovakia.