ALSAI attends the Contact Committee of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the European Union


The interaction between the Supreme Audit Institutions of the European Union is mainly carried out within the framework of the Contact Committee which is composed of the Heads of SAIs of the member states. For 2018 the Contact Committee's annual meeting and the technical meeting of coordination officers was organized on October 11-12, in Dubrovnik. The Committee invited to participate in the capacity of the active observers also the SAIs of Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and representatives of SIGMA. The ALSAI delegation consisted of Mrs. Luljeta Nano, Secretary General and Mrs. Albana Gjinopulli Director of the Department of Strategy and Audit Methodology. The purpose of the meeting was the joint discussions between SAIs, their practices and experiences in auditing specific topics of relevance in the recent developments of the European Union.  Mr. Ivan Klesic, Chairman of the Croatian SAI welcomed the participants emphasized the fact that: "The Contact Committee is a very effective network of professional contacts between public auditors EU through working groups, forums and task forces on specific audit issues." Mrs. Karen Hill, Program Director from SIGMA presented ways to make public engagement contribute to better policies and services for citizens, an the idea was addressed more specifically by Ms. Laettitia Veriter representative of "Citizens for Europe" on how citizens engagement with SAIs have an impact on maintaining public confidence in the European Union and its institutions. An innovative approache on the interaction of EU SAIs with interest groups and the experiences of member countries in using these innovations were brought up by the SAIs of Hungary, Lithuania and Bulgaria.

During the event, documents, publications and journals of SAI activities under the framework of the Contact Committee network were distributed to the participants. On the August 2018 edition of the ECA Magazine it was introduced an exclusive interview with Mr. Bujar Leskaj, Chairman of ALSAI on the Benefits and Impact of the Implementation of the Project "Strengthening External Audit Capacity in Albania" under the IPA 2013 Program, successfully implemented by SAI of Poland and Croatian SAI . In parallel with the meeting of SAI Chairmen's, a technical meeting of Member Coordinators was organized, which addressed issues related to the organization and coordination of the activities that the Task Force will perform on the basis of decisions received by the Contact Committee. Reporting and decision-making on the forthcoming activities of the Contact Committee and Working Groups and Task Force operating under this organization were dealt with under the perspective of proposals and developments for future periods.
At the end of the meeting according to the procedure and tradition Mr. Krysztof Kwatkowski, President of the SAI of Poland, took the chair for next year, who was handed over by the Croatian SAI at the end of the one year period.