ALSAI and the Competition Authority sign a Cooperation Agreement

The Supreme State Audit of Albania (ALSAI) and the Competition Authority signed a Cooperation Agreement in order to protect the interests of taxpaying citizens from inefficiencies of the public administration in the expenditure of public funds.

Both institutions are aware of the fact that citizens' interests are significantly affected by the distortions of public contracts in procurement processes, auctions, concessions, or any other form of public-private partnership. The implementation of these contracts plays an important role in the domestic market, also affecting the degree of competition and the emergence of phenomena such as restriction, prevention or distortion of competition in the market. For the above reasons, the agreement’s main goal is that of improvement of control on the effective use of public funds and on the good financial management and the protection of free and effective competition in the market.

konkurenca The ALSAI assumes the duty to notify the Competition Authority, when it faces cases, where public administration practices, administrative contracts as procurement, auctions, concessions may adversely affect the level of competition.

The Competition Authority, on the other hand, carries out the duty to notify the ALSAI of all abusive and arbitrary practices that may affect public assets and also to send a copy of the relevant documentation.

Both institutions commit to organize joint activities in order to raise the awareness of public administration in preventing unlawful and abusive practices that may cause any damage to taxpayers and customers. They also offer mutual expertise and training services on the respective fields of activity.

This Cooperation Agreement is signed right after the signature of similar agreements with the ALSAI and the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets (HIDAA); the Competition Authority and the General Directorate of Patents and Trademarks.