ALSAI Participation in the Spring Session of the EUROSAI Working Group on the Environmental Audit, in Cyprus


On May 7-8, 2019, in Kalopanayiotis, Cyprus, was organized the Spring Session of the EUROSAI Working Group on Environmental Audit with subject: From Waste Management to Circular Economy.

In a circular economy, the waste is minimized and resources are used more economically through long-term product use, recycling, repairing and reusing of the materials.

In regard of this subject, the SAI of the Republic of Cyprus was the next host of this meeting, who began his first day with the greetings of the President of this SAI.

During the first day of the meeting, the presentations were about the impact of waste and focused on the different types of waste generated and their audit based on the approach of each SAI, mentioning: Cyprus SAI - Waste Audit generated by packaging; Latvia SAI - Financial impact of waste audit; Lithuania SAI - Selection and conducting on waste audits in order to encourage changes in this regard. The Czech SAI had prepared a presentation on risk analysis in the field of waste management. Regarding food waste, presentations by representatives of the Belgian SAI and ECA were followed with interest.

During the first day, group discussions were organized, during which participants were asked to be part of one of the following three groups, where were discussed the topics:

1. Plastic waste.

2. Circular Economy.

3. Cross-border movement of waste

During the second day, the presentations were moved to the second part of the theme of this meeting, Circular Economy. The presentations were from representatives of the SAI-s of Cyprus, Finland, Estonia, Spain and Slovenia. It is worth to mention that the presentations on this topic, as it was emphasised by the participants, were still in the theoretical phase, as no audit has yet been carried out by any SAI on direct subject on the Circular Economy, as this is still a new concept, related to waste management and to the economy.

The second day ended with the presentation of the ECA representative, who brought the commitment and experience of the ECA to date, to become a institution that produces zero plastic waste and invited the attendees to look at the opportunity at following this example in the relevant SAI-s, as it is not as impossible or difficult as it may seem.

In this meeting ALSAI was represented by the auditors Mrs. Keida Muca, Mrs. Redina Karapici and Mrs. Joniada Goçaj.